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Putrevore – Tentacles of Horror

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FEROCIOUS…that would be the best adjective I can find to describe what Putrevore did in its ultimate and most recent offering conveniently called “Tentacles of Horror”, an album released through the famous Xtreem Music. Colluded and committed towards a single goal, we find two heavy weights of the worldwide scene as is the case of Rogga Johansson (Paganizer, The Grotesquery, Necrogod, and DATDM) and Dave Rotten, main architect of Spanish murderous machine Avulsed. From the first moment you know what you’re about to deal with…pure mumbling horrified death metal inoculated through an exact dose of low tones distortion guitar riffs, simple…yes…but deadly as hell…especially with those recurrent pitch notes passages all over…excellent song structures, timely tempo changes, tight and clean performance…you know…the usual from MR Johansson. Then we got the vocals, courtesy from such an experienced zombie as it is the case of Mr Rotten…I must say, these ones are one of best ever achieved by him…completely into the extreme growl attack over and over, it is impossible not to remember the approach used by the mighty Demilich back in the 90s. So yes…those growls are just perfect for the overall music mayhem and the sick concept managed. Crafted with a killer sound production, brilliant cover and the most appropriate title, “Tentacles of Horrors” features 8 tunes and 37 mins of really convincing Death Metal madness, not easy to dig for the ones seeking innovation or technical melody, NOT AT ALL…this is suffocating, this is ugly, this only for fans of death metal in its purest form, if this sounds like your cup of tea, don’t waste any longer and make yourself a copy, your ears will rejoice while bleed!!! (Master Butcher)

Xtreem Music

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