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Decrepid – Endless Sea of Graves

decrepid – endless sea of graves


Decrepid are a Death Metal band from the UK and they play an older style of Death Metal, where the lines blur and elements of Doom creep into their sound. Which was my initial impression when the opening track “Fields of Flesh” started. A drawn out sparse intro that wouldn’t go amiss on an early Death doom track and whilst it builds it maybe builds for too long before the song hits more familiar Death Metal territory. There is a whiff of Morbid Angel in the riffs and drums which is nice to hear as opposed to the Bolt Thrower worship that seems to be doing the rounds the last few years.

The 2nd track “Phobos Descent” is a furious number which brings in a higher scream into the mix and contains a number of time changes and as well as feel to the song. From a wall of guitars and drums to more sparse areas which really help the song from feeling generic and gives it its own character.

Overall the album moves along at a good clip across the first 5 tracks before hitting the monolith closing track “Endless Sea of Graves”. I say monolith as it clocks in at 14 minutes and 15 seconds. As Death Metal tracks go it’s a long one but during its complete run time I didn’t pause it or look at how long it had left, the track is an engaging listen and has all the best parts of the previous 5 tracks and adds a few guitar harmonies, dual vocals and a fair amount of weight and heft in the slower parts.

I really enjoyed this album and it’s the perfect length for a Death Metal album, enough to progress as a collection of songs but no real elements of filler bar the extended intro. When I first saw the number of tracks I thought this was an EP. After finishing the album and collected my thoughts the 6 track length is perfect when the last track is so all encompassing.

If you like OSDM with the Doom elements a bit of Morbid Angel and have it blended together without feeling forced them this is an album that deserves your attention. (Richard Keenhan)


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