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Funeral Vomit – Monumental Putrescence

funeral vomit – monumental putrescence


Founded not too long ago, in 2020, this Colombian Death Metal band unleashed some first recordings in the form of two split EP’s, a demo and an EP. This, however, seemed to have been more than enough for Xtreem Music to sign up for the release of the band’s debut album. It saw the light of day at the very verge of 2023 in all relevant physical and digital formats.

Only labelling the band as Death Metal by the way isn’t doing them much justice. The core of Funeral Vomit’s sound might indeed be considered Death Metal, but just like many of their South American contemporaries in extreme metal, they do not limit themselves to only one genre. Ever since the emerging of extreme metal, the South American bands were able to present something different, wild and aggressive and with total disregard of genre boundaries.

It is in these musical territories we can find Funeral Vomit. Death Metal with loads of hints out of Thrash Metal and Black Metal, together it is forged in something that feels so authentically Latin American that this could easily have been a recording from a long lost band from the early 90’s or maybe even a recording done by one of the best known bands out of the continent. Yet, they obviously also take pride in picking their cherries out of the gardens of bands like Blasphemy or Beherit. They put their frantic and wild energy into each song, whirling their grinding guitars, pummelling drums and distorted barking vocals into something that would definitely appeal to those who have a weak spot for raw and gritty Finnish Death Metal (Purtenance, Funebre) with a Bestial Black/Death sort of edge (Archgoat, Blasphemy).

On ‘Monumental Putrescence’ the band doesn’t serve us with anything remotely new or monumental. But then again, the music is brought with such authentic conviction and dedication, it is obvious that Funeral Vomit is here only to honour the extreme metal scene of yesteryear.

Xtreem Music

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