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Necropsy – Buried in the Woods

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Already polluting your ears since almost 3 decades, Necropsy still show the world how death metal should sound. Raw, dirty, bangable, groovy with a dark and suffocating atmosphere. Being somewhere between Bolt Thrower, Slayer, Pungent Stench and your Finnish way of playing death metal, they always know how to keep it simple yet effective to make you bang your head and scream for more. Some great leads for the air guitarist onto you and monstrous deep grunts to scare your neighbors to death. The production is good, maybe the drums could have been less „polished“ but overall it´s well done and fits the sound. Technical skills are all here. Maybe the only thing missing is a real „classic“ for the genre, but that´s only complaining on a high level. Check this out if you like your death metal groovy, heavy and with a dose of past heroes in it. (DPF)