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Avulsed – Carnivoracity [Re-release]

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Yes sir, I have a soft spot for the Spanish brutal horde Avulsed. The vocals of Dave Rotten and albums like “Stabwound Orgasm” or “Yearning for the Grotesque” made it that way. I’m not a huge follower of the Technical Brutal Death Metal scene nowadays, or the Slamming one, but Old School Brutal Death Metal of the 1990s is still a delight to my ears. So you can imagine I enjoyed this remastered 20th anniversary rerelease (with revamped artwork and liner notes) of the 1994 7” of Avulsed called “Carnivoracity”. The original 3 tracks (one of which is, “Demoniac Possesion”, a Pentagram (Chile) cover) are on it and as bonus material you get 9 live tracks (two of them being a Demigod and Brujeria cover). For me it’s the title track that is really interesting, it’s brutal but it has also a nice slow gloomy part in the middle (a bit like the beginning of Gorefest’s “Confessions of a Serial Killer” of their great “Mindloss” album) which gives it a nice twist for a 1990s Brutal Death Metal band. Ofcourse, this is not a classick of any kind, but give it a listen if you’re into 1990s Brutal Death Metal. (Ricardo)