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Holycide – Fist to Face

holycide – fist to face

Longstretch’s dictionary defines thrash as a verb, a doing word, like, to be thrashed, thrash your arse off and thrashed to within an inch of your life. Well, with these explanations in mind, Holycide are the epitome of the definition of Thrash.

“Fist to Face” will have you convulsing around violently while working the neck muscles until they tremble and shake just through sheer aggression and gravity creating momentum. This album is absolutely and positively one for all you wearers of battle jackets and hi tops.

Apart from the opening 90 seconds of “Intrump”, this album is ferociously up tempo from start to finish. Have I mentioned riffs yet, no, well hang on to your badges and pins because you will hear loads of head cracking, ear smothering and heart palpitating riffs.

Starting with “Fist to Face”,  “Empty Cyber Life” through to “Nuclear Fallout” , “Trapped by the Crappy Trap” , “Napalm Sweet Napalm” and ending with “Innocent Hate” and “Fake Libertarian” our Spanish Thrash beasts have successfully combined speed type melodies with catchy rhythms, fast percussion beats, spittle inducing vocals and riffage that will leave open and weeping lacerations all over your body.

“Fist to Face is the second album of Holycide and is released in 14 February 2020. Show your true Thrash valentine how much you care by purchasing this pure high grade 80’s-based Trash with modern well produced twists that starts at 100 mile an hour and doesn’t let up till the end of the last track and if they don’t love it well it may be that you need to rethink the relationship. By the way, while you’re having a listen, you really need to check the superb artwork on the cover. Think its something that we would all like to do the current POTUS. Marvellous!! (Longstretch)