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Goat Worship – Shore of the Dead

goat worship – shore of the dead

Wauw, Goat Worship fom Brasil inspired by Bathory? No way, yes way. “Shore of the dead” has been unleashed upon this earth this year (2018). All music is written and done by Hades although session drums are done by Sadist. Clearly the intention of Goat Worship, with this album, is to bring back the sound of the once mighty Bathory while Xtreem Music will be responsible for bringing this release to the metal hungry masses .

What you think you will get… you will get. A complete incarnation of (old) Bathory, right down to the riffing, drums, vocals even the song titles. All songs are well played with a good production that goes along with it. The tight riffing matches well with the thrashy drumming. Then there are Hades’ vocal’s that scream you back to the eighties…fucking great! If they wanted to recreate the Old Bathory sound, they’ve succeeded.  What I would like to mention is that the title song sounds more epic/Viking which may tell us a little about possible future releases, who knows?

Me personally, I do not get why people would want to make and release something so close to the original. It almost sounds like covers without exactly being covers. But I probably should set that thought aside, so I can enjoy this and yes…I did. Solid Black ‘n Roll, nice and tight.

So if you really want to relive the eighties, that “punch somebody in the face” feeling, than this is for you. If you are seeking stuff that is somewhat original, than maybe you should look further. (RuudN)