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Deteriorot – The Rebirth

deteriorot – the rebirth


So, in a general conversation with a friend the other day, I made mention how many albums this year that have some kick-ass album artwork. Me being an artist and a reviewer (of sorts) I get to see (and hear) much and I must say this year is looking good. I think we should have end of the year top album art lists (any fans/takers?!).

So with Deteriorot and their latest, I submit a contender for cover art of the year. Sorry, I digress tho. On a similar note, you gotta love bands that keep the faith and just produce THAT sound. So dear readers, I present to you Deteriorot.

Familiar to some of the underground faithful and if my writing is as good as I think it is ( no laughing please) this could be your new fav band. With sole original member and songwriter Paul Z,  it seems they have have been kicking around since 1992. You cannot think of them of jumping on the bandwagon. Upon listening to their latest, you have a band that is a heaping of Incantation, a tad Goreaphobia, a bit of Cianide and a smidgen of Bolt Thrower. All these influences come together to create the happy sound that will permeate your ears. As with much of the USDM scene, nothing is going to change the world, but will happen is the band itself, the songs that take you to that happy place. That riff that give you that air guitar mood, or that memory that harkens back to the days when you put in that cassette or vinyl and just heard THAT sound. The moment that makes you think and smile of the days of yore. Because you know what? These guys guys have been cranking it out and been there. Nothing here that is going to change the world, just stuff that makes you makes you feel good and feeds the need.

No real reason to go into details because not much has changed in their overall sound. Nothing bad, there is points given for consistency and reliability. All I say is just to listen to those riffs, that sound and also take look at that cover art and go to your happy place.

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