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Torture Pulse – God Leash

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Old-school gritty death, thats what you’re listening to, These guys aint got nothing much in the way of originality and creativity, but who cares the entombed/dismember influences are there how can you complain? The album starts out how I prefer my deathmetal album to begin and continues blasting all the way through with some sludgy parts to tickle your genital warts! It’s all there, Gritty HM2 Entombedy Guitar-tone, D-beat galore, Medium well-done Growls, bassy bass with a rather clean bass tone. We’ve all heard it before and its nothing that we do not like, but still it has not grabbed my flacid pee-pee to work its magic the first time i’ve listened it through, but after a few spins it surely grew on me. Overall its not too bad, i personaly think the first few tracks were the weaker ones, the production is resonably good, i tried to find out where it was recorded but unfortunaly my quest wasn’t succesful, the whole production sounds scaringly sunlight studio which i do love, like i love my mommy. The guitarplaying is nothing short of awesome, as the only guitarist in the band, Kimmo (Gotta love them finlandish names) Tears it up like there’s no tomorrow, personaly i’d loved to see a 2nd guitarist for more soloing possibilities. The bass.. its there, its very audible and its well excecuted, the only thing i’d loved to hear is a more distorted bass sound, to compliment the very chainsaw sounding guitar-tone. The vocals of mister Ari”HellAriser”Rajaniemi dont offer much in the way of range, they are mid to low pitched with a higher pitched scream for the ladies too, the lyrical theme is your generic Satan, Religion, you name it Almost any generic deathmetal theme is present on this album. Also the finnish Satanic gibberish at the end of “Macabre Magister” scared the shit out of me, fuck you for that Ari. And finaly the drums, Petri Väliheikki (thats why they use monikers) Steadily pounds away, treating you with a varity of deathmetal drumming, from the flawless d-beat to all-out blastbeats you name it he provides it. The drums sound massive, lay just excellent in the mix and i have very little to complain, if i would have to change a thing it would probaly be the quite hollow snare sound, but yeah, the massive disco snare is also fitting to the oldschool sound of it all. Overall this is a decent album, as mentioned before not very original, Anyone who likes old-school deathmetal should pick this one up. (Lennart)

Torture Pulse

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