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Goat Worship – Blood and Steel

goat worship – blood and steel

Do you enjoy really old Bathory? Of course you do! Do you enjoy really old Kreator? Of course you do! Hellhammer? Hell yeah you do! So you’re into old school Black/Thrash? Well, multi-instrumentalist Hades (hey….isn’t that the first track of the debut of Bathory?) of Goat Worship maybe made an album solely for you. Especially if you like the other mighty Teutonic acts Destruction and Sodom as well. Harsh vocals, howling guitars, primitive riffs and songs…it’s all there. The only part what is missing, what all the acts I mentioned before do have, songs or riffs that sticks. I can’t say Hades doesn’t play in the spirit of 1984-1987, because he truly does, but it just need a tad more than that. I hope Hades will listen to “Ripping Corpse”, “Sacrifice” and “Massacra” once again before writing the new album, just to get his writing skills to the next level and find inspiration for riffs that keep haunting you. (Ricardo)