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Ravens Creed – Get Killed or Try Dying

ravens creed – get killed or try dying

For sure “Get Killed or Try Dying” is the best album of the English Ravens Creed! The band formed by the Iron Monkey guitar player Steve Watson attacks your ears with relentless and cruel mix of Thrash, Crust and Death Metal that will break your neck in no time!

This is simple and catchy extreme music that can cause massive mosh pits. “Hymn & Hearse”, “Off with their Legs” or “Rats beneath your feet” will drive you into a bloody frenzy. There are influences from Benediction, Cerebral Fix and even Discharge in the choruses. The sound is dirty and unpolished, just the way it should be for such a record. Don’t hesitate to get minced by this wonderfully bloody piece of audio brutality! (Zvetan)