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Human Waste – Harvest Remnants

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Dave Rotten (Avulsed,Christ Denied)’s label Xtreem Music presents to the world a collection of demos from the Spanish quartet Human Waste. The band was active in the 90’s and namaged to release a full-length album called “Brothel of Souls” in 1999. After that Human Waste split up and never reformed to that day. This compilation offers 20 tracks of death metal influenced by Suffocation on one hand (the name Human Waste didn’t come out of nowhere) and Death/Pestilence on the other. Carles Matheu’s screams remind a lot of Pestilence’s Patrick Mameli especially on tracks like “Sacro Sanctum Semen” from the 1992 demo. Human Waste’s members are good musicians and know what to do with their instruments. The sound has a pretty raw quality but having in mind that those are demos from the beginning of the 90’s,it is something that has to be expected. The problem with “Harvest Remnants” is that there is a lack of a really outstanding tracks. They play not bad oldschool death metal and that’s it. I guess people into that kind of stuff will like this CD although there is really nothing special in Human Waste’s music. The album ends with a cover of Celtic Frost’s “Circle of the Tyrants” just to show where the roots of this music are. Not bad but nothing more… (Zvetan)