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Ossuary Anex – Holy Blasphemition [EP]

ossuary anex – holy blasphemition [ep]

Ossuary Anex has been around for quite awhile now but this is the first time the Russian bands music has hit my ear drums. Similar to Defeated Sanity, Ossuary Anex play a style of brutal death metal with top notch musicianship and some absolutely killer fretless bass playing. It’s chunky, super heavy and a treat for all brutal death metal fans.

Songwriting wise these guys manage to keep things interesting without ever seeming flashy or overbearing. The fretless bass is very tasteful and used to compliment the music, not to masturbate on top of it. The guitar riffs are dark and rhythmic, combining tremolo picked sections with subwoofer shaking palm muted crunch. “Divine Chastisement” is the standout track to me. This track especially reminds me of a brutal death metal version of Death. The killer guitar solos, mid tempo riffs and general feel of the song all bring to mind Death, albeit with much more guttural vocals. The band really knows how to let the music breathe and isn’t afraid to explore multiple tempos or keep things slow if need be. If you are hoping for a blast fest, you will not find it here.

If you are of the understanding that all brutal death metal bands are Suffocation clones, this album would prove quite the opposite. This takes the best aspects of brutal death metal and expands them in dark and very musical savvy ways. Fans of Defeated Sanity, Immolation or Suffocation will enjoy this 100%. (MikeH)