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Daemoniac – Spawn of the Fallen

daemoniac –   spawn of the fallen

Like on the “Lord of Immolation” EP, Max (ex-Horrid) & company despise everything that sounds modern or even has the scent of anything with date of production after 1992. You get 100% pure Old School Swedish Death Metal, in a slightly more brutal way than probably expected. This has more to do with the low growl of Max, who doesn’t sound like…let’s say L.G. Petrov or Matti Kärki. Although there is a cover of them on this album, but Max has more the grunt of Christian Eriksson (Macrodex), like he sounded on the “Cremation” track on the “Projections of a Stained Mind”-compilation, which is a more US Death Metal low grunt (Incantation, Rottrevore etc.). And 1+1=2 because “Cremation” is the track Daemoniac covered on this album. On one hand it could use a bit more variation, on the other hand a more brutal HM-2 OSDM is nice for a change as well. Ah heck…”Spawn of the Fallen” is a decent album for sure. (Ricardo)