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Cruentator – Ain’t War Hell

cruentator – ain’t war hell

What do you do if you are in a Brutal Gore Death Metal band but you have a second love called “Thrash”? You form a Thrash Metal band…the amici Italiani of Bowel Stew created Cruentator to relief their riffing excesses and got immediately signed by Dave Rotten’s Xtreem Music. You won’t hear something innovative on “Ain’t War Hell” for a single second. You do hear a decent execution of 80’s Teutonic Thrash, Sodom, Destruction and Kreator with an emphasize on the Kreator part. Also they have taken a thing or two of the end 80’s American scene as well. Fast riffs, fast drums…fast everything…but not Sadus-fast. Destructive? Yes. Furious? Yes. Exceptional? No. This is a good listen, nothing more and nothing less, but I’m afraid this is a typical album that will drown in the pool of the many releases nowadays. (Ricardo)