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Ade – Carthago Delenda Est

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“Carthago Delenda Est” (or “Carthage must be destroyed”) is a Latin phrase that was used in the Roman republic in the 2nd century BC by the popular Roman senator Cato the Elder. It refers to the ancient rival of Rome,the city of Carthage,which though defeated twice,always managed to regain its strength and engage in further warfare. This phrase was chosen by the italians ADE as a title for their new (third in a row) album which is also their debut for Xtreem Music. ADE offer 10 songs that sound like a mix between Nile and Ex Deo,the project of Kataklysm’s vocalist Maurizio Iacono. The Nile connection also comes from the fact that none other but Nile’s drummer George Kollias has played the drums on ADE’s previous record “Spartacus” from 2013. The drummer on “Carthago Delenda Est” who goes by the name Commodus is also quite good musician and provides lots of blastbeats and groovy drumming. There are fast and furious tracks like “Across the Wolf’s Blood”,”Annibalem” or “Saving Salt” and there are slow and epic ones like “Mare Nostrum”. What separates ADE from the other similar technical death metal bands is their use of orchestral instruments,choirs and female vocals. This approach adds a special atmosphere to “Carthago Delenda Est” and makes it one very interesting listening experience. The sound production is good,there are plenty of twisted guitar riffs and leads and Trajanus’ voice sound similar to those of the above mentioned Maurizio Iacono. So if you want to hear some complex and intelligently written death metal album performed by skillful musicians then ADE’s “Carthage Delenda Est” is what you have to hear! (Zvetan)