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Purtenance – …to Spread the Flame of the Ancients

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When we talk about Death metal, undeniably the conversation will, sooner or later, take us to Finland, and how not?, this has been a very prolific country with too many killer bands emerged over the years. One of those heavy weights I refer to, is the case of the mighty Purtenance, this veteran outfit, who saw the light of day on a distant 1991 are still rules the depths of death with their 3rd and latest offering called “…To Spread the Flame of Ancients” due on Xtreem Music. Showing a progression in terms of sound production compared to its predecessor, Purtenance continues with the approach that gained them notoriety in the underground death metal community either during their early stages as well as the most recent come back steps…I mean, obscure textures, dense guitar distortions and growling epitaphs all encapsulated within 11 songs and 46 minutes of sonic torment. No need to say that these guys know REALLY well what they do, efficiency with tempo changes, drum bridges and use of slow creepy passages, we are witnessing what occurs when individuals with plenty of experience gather around the same idea of doing nothing more than “old school” death…I detest such tag!!!…anyway…no room for innovation, no room for “fresh” contributions…this album is suffocating from end to end, is plagued and crowned with pure malevolence. From each of the songs Purtenance suppurates that corrosive sound, the stench of ancient death metal. Used to include some guitar intros, “…To Spread the Flame of the Ancients” was not the exception and we find it on track number 7 called “Blood Oath” where they take us back to the golden era of the genre. There are some creepy keyboards also used during the album…something I found tremendously cool because helped adding this “morbid” feeling Finnish bands always have had. So, as a matter of wrap up…Purtenance confirms these veterans were capable to reproduce the essence of this music…it is natural…part of their DNA…spontaneous…call it whatever you want, but if you’re fan of Finnish bands, Demigod, Demilich, Xysma…you should know by now that Purtenance latest offering has to become part of your collection right away. (Master Butcher)

Xtreem Music

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