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Vibrion – Bacterya

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Vibrion has got to be the one of those bands that incredibly, couldn’t make it bigger…I still remember when I heard their debut demo “Erradicated Life” back in 1992…Jesus fucking Christ…, these guys were completely in another level in every aspect, performance, song writing, production…they were on par to the ultimate works at the time, however, I think wrong decisions took the band into the shadows with poorly distribution from shitty labels and the world simply missed the greatness of his promising band. However, and after barely 20 years of their lastest work, the Argentinian legend is back with a brand new album called BACTERYA and released on march of 2016. From the original Vibrion, only Luis Cedeborg remains on the band, the rest of members are new and I bring this up because despite this change, I can tell to all the Vibion freaks like me, that the spirit and nature of the band remains the same…I mean, mister Cedeborg has managed to encapsulate that fast furious Death Grind that gained them a well-deserved reputation due to Intricate complex but yet brutal stuff. Bacterya appears as one of those memorable comebacks in the history of underground death metal. If the music can be clearly defined as Death Grind, the truth is that there are also few slow break down passages that are new to me from Vibrion. The vocals still preserve that thrash approach that evokes the Cavalera style…focused more on aggressiveness than brutality, that’s one of the trademarks for sure here. So, if you have followed this band through their glorious origins and later…through their silence, well, this is the moment when you got to be ready for another dose of classic Vibrion Death Grind. If you’re new to them…get it now too…this is a real master piece for anyone who dares to listen the Bacterya. (Master Butcher)


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