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Oppression – Scars 1988-1990

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Finnish thrash metal project Oppression breathed last time about two decades ago. Before splitting up, they released an ep and a few demo tapes, and Xtreem Music has come up with releasing all of their materials in a single compilation, “Scars 1988-1990”. In terms of sonority, the materials of the band has kinship with Coroner, Mekong Delta, Vektor and some other technical thrash metal acts of the 80s. But, the mediocre vocal and the lack of creating autochthonous tracks make Oppression a little bit insignificant comparing to the mentioned bands. Yet, a lot of neck wrecking, sturdy riffs exist in the album, and concrete bass works and a few short guitar solos support the structure of the tracks perfectly. Frenzied combination of riffings and bass works are the deadliest element of the band, which may temper the listeners to show the wrath against all sorts of negativity of the society. This compilation offers nothing new to the listeners of thrash metal, but those who like to stick their pair of lughole with the lo-fi sounded primitive thrash metal oriented sound, might like this release. (Zoheb)