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Soulskinner – Descent To Abaddon

soulskinner – descent to abaddon

Hellas, the land of renowned Greek black metal. But Soulskinner is an old school death metal. What’s wrong with that? Nothing! In fact, that’s what makes it need to be check out. Why? This is the reason : with already 4 albums and a decent number of splits, Soulskinner still remain an underground act. If somebody fancies any new bands that are really into underground metal kind of vibe, then Soulskinner is just simply it, without ever trying hard at being one. This album captured perfectly that old school production, that almost sterile raw sounding putrid death metal. It kicks off with a murky and brooding atmosphere in the first track, with its simple old school structure. When I said simple, it does not pertain to a repetitive 3 chords until the very last minutes. It just didn’t bombard you with 30 riffs per-song frenzy hellstorm. Simple as in the songs are made with constructive structures that they manage to squeeze in a lot more melodies & riffings to enhance the primary structure. That kind of simple I’m talking about. This actually gets you into much of a surprised when there would be crazy guitar solos thrown in here & there unsuspectingly. Highly good guitar riffs are actually abundance along the songs, it just appears unsuspectingly. That really makes you need to keep a keen ear on listening to this entire album. 10 tracks running around approximately 45 minutes, it will be sufficient enough time to have a thorough run of this spinner, which consist within it rank some very notable Greek acts, among others being Gothmog of Thou Art Lord fame. (JvH)