Extreme Metal Fanzine est. 2012

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Bizarre – Inner Necropolis [EP]

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I can understand why Dave Rotten has signed this ensemble, as vocalist Funedëim has the same überlow growl like he has. That bilious and ultra-deep one, like mr. Rotten performs in Putrevore, Famishgod and especially his own project Rotten. But besides that, there are already many connections within the Bizarre ranks and the man behind Xtreem Music. Former and current Famishgod, Nangilima, Svipdagr and Onirophagus members are responsible for this slab of Old School Doom / Death Metal from Spain. Well, you already know the deepness of the growl, but is there more to say? Absolutely! This EP has the Incantation tag on it, but varies it with the old 1990s Finnish scene. A bit of Cartilage, Adramelech, Demilich (only vocal wise) and mid-tempo Abhorrence. The Doom atmosphere is made with an occasional subtle keyboard tune (“Damp Earth” or “Asphyxiating Dark Memories”) or a slow lead (“Fleshless”). This EP is without doubt a nice spin as the combination with Death and the Doom elements (as mentioned before, the subtle keyboard tune) makes Bizarre an pleasant undergo. (Ricardo)