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Frozen Dawn – Those of the Cursed Light

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After the well-received debut album called “The Old Prophecy of Winterland”, Xtreem Music welcomed Frozen Dawn in their rooster. Although these blackened souls from Spain have an album title which is almost similar as Marduk’s “Those of the Unlight”, you won’t find any further obvious connections or hear a new “On Darkened Wings”. Frozen Dawn is far more Blackened Death Metal than the aforementioned Panzer Division, they are more Necrophobic to be more precise. A melodic touch, good leads but also still furious with the riffs. Concerning Necrophobic I would say Frozen Dawn is close to a mixture of “The Third Antichrist” and “Bloodhymns” with a wink towards Unanimated’s “In the Light of Darkness” and some Dissection and Infernal here and there. So are we dealing with a shameless copycat? Labeling Frozen Dawn as a copycat would be not enough credits towards the band as they manage to create an interesting album. Interesting because not a lot of bands are playing this particular style, a style which I embrace. While listening to “Nocturnal Sacrifice” you hear some great Dissection riffs and leads. “Blackened March” and “The Triumph of God Frost” has the typical Necrophobic trademark, which is enhanced by the guest appearance of Martin Halfdan (ex-Necrophobic) on “Blackened March”. Every song is above 5 minutes (except “Blackened March”) which gives it an epic touch. The last two tracks, “Etneral Frost” and “Kalte Seele” (sung in German) are more mid-tempo and less interesting song-writing-wise. Which is a shame as they have proven to write good songs with the other 7 tracks. 7 out of 9, all in all in a good score. “Those of the Cursed Light” is an enjoyable album without doubt and worth a listen if you are into Blackened Death Metal. (Ricardo)

Frozen Dawn

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