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Deimler – A Thousand Suns

deimler – a thousand suns


According to Metal Archives (who are not always correct) this Death Metal band Deimler was formed in 1998, disbanded in 2002, reforms in 2018 and released an EP in 2020. Well, here we are with the latest offering “A Thousand Suns” released on Xtreem Music in 2021.

I am not sure of what had happened during these years and cannot say anything about the EP but I can tell you this is not a bad release we have here.

I like to find something similar in sound for comparisons to grab the readers attention for the music and make them find enough interesting points to purchase the album or dig deeper into the band. Right away I would tell the reader in my opinion this album is a good cross between some of the better Fleshcrawl albums and Edge of Sanity.

Combining the equalized Chainsaw Guitar sounds of Fleshcrawl with thundering Double Bass and riffing styles along with these other Edge of Sanity melodic slower parts. I feel the two bands are a fair comparison with Deimler.

I enjoy this studio production. The mix has plenty of bass guitar so we can hear it and the guitars are thick and upfront. As with most Death Metal exceptional artwork showcasing this good sounding album.

The only down side is there are a few lackluster moments that just didn’t do it for me on tracks like “Skulls Smiling” and I am not sure I have ever seen a skull lacking its outer skin, slesh or sinews that smiles But of course this is just nitpicking for sure.

Overall not a bad album. It is the kind of work that tends to grow on the listeners so I will not count this one out, because with every listen I find stand out moments that are extremely cool and again I am drawn back in. (Evil Mike)


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