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Funebre – Children of the Scorn [Re-Release]

funebre – children of the scorn [re-release]


1991. I woke up this morning and wondered were I was. Pfffff, it was very late last night and I guess that I smoked too much, again! But I am just 17 years old, I can deal with this. I walked to my tape deck and played a tape, which I got from a friend last night. I had some breakfast while I listened to that tape and I went to school. I took the tape with me and listened to this brutal piece of Death Metal in the school cafeteria with some friends. A lot of fellow students couldn’t appreciate this, but we didn’t care, because we were all in our final years and we ruled the place more or less.

“Well, guys, this is Funebre from Finland and we are listening to the advance-tape of the upcoming LP ‘Children Of the Scorn’, which I got last night.”
“Mmm, sounds pretty cool, although the sound is shitty. Don’t’ you ever have a normal quality sound on your cassette’s, for Gods sake”, the Snolf said.
“He dude, it’s an advance copy, they still have to finish the mix, and so you can’t expect a proper sound”.

Fourteen years later I am sitting home and asking myself what is becoming of the once so brutal Death Metal scene. While thinking, I put on the cassette with the advance tape of Funebre’s ‘Children of the Scorn’. The sound quality isn’t that good anymore, but it’s still a good piece of Finnish Death Metal. Then I got the request to review the re-release of this album. HELLLL YEEAAAHHH, I will, give it to me now.

Besides the ‘Childeren of the Scorn’ you will find ‘Demo II’ from 1990 and the 1989 demo ‘Cranial Torment’ on this re-release. The numbers from the 1990 demo are much like the numbers on the ‘Childeren of the Scorn’ LP and have almost the identical sound. The music on the 1989 demo is simplistic, especially if you compare it to the two releases mentioned before, but still you’ll recognize Funebre (mostly because of the voice).

This is one of the masterpieces of Finnish Death Metal. Astonishing riffs, great funky bass, a real Death Metal voice and bombastic drums are the ingredients of Funebre. It’s no use telling you readers stuff like: ‘this song has a great solo’, ‘it reminds me a little bit of the first Merciless LP (Merciless from Sweden of course)’, ‘it sounds like a typical production of the nineties’ or ‘back then this was quit a unique band with their own sound’.

No, you’ll have to check this out yourself, especially the younger ones among us, who are just started listening to Death Metal. I still like this after fourteen years and wished that it still were the year 1991, so that I could buy their debut LP instead of still listening to a shitty tape.


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