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Stormvold – IV-Kataklismo

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From Spain, this duo proclaimed themselves to be a „tribute“ band to Norvegian death metal act Molested. So far so good. Xtreem Music took care of the release of their first full length entitled „IV Kataklismo“. The album kicks in with an excellent track, namely „Eclipse Astral“. The band manages to be ferocious and melodic in the same time. Tempo variations seem to be a must for these guys, and for sure it is a strong point. It never gets boring. The second track „Achuhucanac“ even brings Bölzer to mind(which I actually really like). The production fits perfect. Some keyboards here and there are great additions to the general atmosphere. The drumming waits with not only different speeds, but also with cool fills and breaks. Guitars and bass creat a barrage of fantastic riffs, catchy, melodic, dark and brutal in the same time. And the vocals, damn, just awesome!! The album continues with strong tracks without losing intensity. „Montanas de Venganza“ starts with eerie sounds and evolves into a killer Molested/Bölzerish piece of brutality including a cool guitar solo towards the end of the track. „Explosion Estelar“ concludes this killer output again with class using again all their trademarks in one song. This is a really strong debut album and I am happy that I could give it a listen. Let us hope they continue that way. Horns up!(DPF)