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In Thousand Lakes – Age of Decay

in thousand lakes – age of decay

In Thousand Lakes isn’t from Finland nor is an Amorphis tribute band who only play the “Tales from the Thousand Lakes” album. No, In Thousand Lakes is from Spain and released their first demo back in 1996. Although having released their debut full-length in 1998, they have split right after. Reformed again in 2013, released an EP in 2014 and now they have released their second full-length. These guys play Melodic Death Metal, the Scandinavian way. Before you get all excited and think about albums like Dark Tranquility’s “Skydancer” or In Flames’ “Lunar Strain”, you have to add a couple of years to the calendar. True, it does have hints of both bands, but more during the millennium-period. The moment bands changes their logo and artwork. The “Haven” and “Clayman” kind of things. The melodic Death Metal is mostly quite mid-tempo (with some faster parts now and then) and has “friendly” riffs. Sure, there are some parts that doesn’t sound that bad, but most of the time I’m just thinking “come on guys, you’re getting your inspiration from the wrong albums”. For example the beginning of “Hunter of Souls”…who’s idea was that?!? You better let this one go and pick something else of the Xtreem Music rooster. (Ricardo)