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Daemoniac [ITA] – Dwellers of Apocalypse

daemoniac [ita] – dwellers of apocalypse

From Milan, Lombardy, Italy comes this nowadays four piece death-chestra. I bought their debut album ”Spawn of the Fallen” a few weeks ago…yes, I’m late because it is released in 2017, but better late than never you know…

The first thing you see is a Chris Moyen cover so you can already be 60% sure it is a good album, then you unpack, push “play” and there it is…chainsaw guitars sound achieved with the infamous heavy metal pedal melting your ears! Yeah! Primitive but clear raspy sound, an Incantation style voice but without reverb effect as it more like Funebrarum (just to give an idea). There’s also a big Gorement influence in the mid-tempo parts and they also included a Gorement’s ”Human Relic” cover so the influence is quite obvious.

Xtreem music haves a long career discovering and signing really good bands and this is not an exception. This is the kind of bands if you like their debut release you will for sure enjoy their entire discography because happily there’s no sign or trace of trying to evolve new sounds or explore new roads with these guys and that’s the best with this kind of bands who haves same style since their debut release, the “Lord of Immolation” EP (2015).

if you are looking for some strong balls Death Metal, here you have it…now I will order this one to continue with this madness. (Gangrene Pus)