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Daemoniac – Lord of Immolation [EP]

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What we have here is a trio from Milan, Italy (Pier – guitars,Max – vocals/bass,Matt – drums) who present to the world their debut EP “Lord of Immolation”. Since their label is Xtreem Music, do not expect anything different than high-quality oldschool death metal. And this is exactly what you will find in these five tracks plus intro. The opening song “Away From Christ” carries the unholy spirit of Incantation (the reason for that are Max’ deep, throaty growls) combined with the dirty sound of early 90’s Swedish death metal. The affinity towards this particular sound is obvious from every single second in “Lord of Immolation”. “Demonic Possession” reminds me of Grave’s grim guitar riffing while “Desecration of Christianity” is in the vein of early Dismember. “Chunks of Flesh” is a cover version of the Swedish Crematory and it clearly shows where the musical roots of Daemoniac lie. This is straightforward, simple and effective death metal – no technical wankery or absurd hyper speedy playing. The sound of this EP is raw and unpolished but this is the way it should be – that’s how you keep the essence of oldschool death metal. As a debut EP, “Lord of Immolation” contains very good material suitable for all fans of the bands mentioned above. If you are into death metal played in the classic old way – do yourself a favour and support Daemoniac. (Zvetan)