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Bones – Awaiting Rebirth [EP]

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Nice, once again some young blokes who are passionate to play a certain kind of Death Metal which was popular when they weren’t even born. And there is absolutely nothing wrong with that! They are only guilty of having good taste. This time Bones from Antwerp, Belgium. A city with a beautiful downtown area where you can find great pubs which serves good beer. Allow me to recommend you to drink a delicious Seef Bier at Oud Arsenaal. You can’t go wrong! But back to Bones. They formed back in 2010 and released a demo in 2013 which results in this vinyl co-operation between Blood Harvest and Pulverised Records. They are playing in the vein of old Death, Autopsy and even some short parts of old Immolation (“Failures of Gods”-album, for example during “Adulation of the Spheres”, a certain drum and guitar pattern which starts at 3:30). But to be honest, “Awaiting Rebirth” is more about old Death (riffs) and Autopsy (Death/Doom murkiness) than Immolation. It was just familiar pattern during that song. The production is raw and authentic. It grabs the vibe of the late 1980s, early 1990s Death Metal sound and it also seems they recorded the tracks in one take. Adding up the illustrated artwork and the fact it’s a 10” vinyl release only (300 copies), I think it will appeal a lot of Old School Death Metal fans and they should check this one out. (Ricardo)