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Patristic – Apologetica [EP]

patristic – apologetica [ep]


Currently we live in the age of information and most people think that having a piece of information is equal to having knowledge about the complete topic which includes that one piece of information. This can be used as an advantage to someone / a certain group of people, who want to hide certain information, especially in the popular online culture. There was almost no promotion or any news or info on the Italian band Patristic, which exploded into life without prior notice with their debut EP ‘Apologetica’. The only thing known about the band is the fact that it involves members from Bedsore and Hideous Divinity (but this doesn’t tell much about what you’re about to listen to).

Deriving their name (and concept)  from the ancient Christian writers considered to be the designated Church fathers, who mostly wrote about Christian apologetics (the theory of every act first Christian believers used to introduce, explain and defend their faith before pagans). The EP literally sounds like what happened to the Church fathers (as most of them were tortured to death), or even better, the darkness the Church will bring to the world. Patristic play a very deep and disturbing combination of Black and Death Metal, which revolves around the incredibly haunting atmosphere and sinister dissonance.

Even though the EP clocks in at just over 20 minutes, it is incredibly dense, laying several layers of technically proficient and polished sound to create this modern masterpiece. The three songs on the EP are definitely not easy listening as they paint an incredibly disturbing and sinister picture. Machine-like drumming and technical riffing do not suffocate the vocals (as it could sometimes happen), but enhance their nightmarish delivery. Considering the complexity of the record, it will definitely take a couple of listens so even a well trained ear will hear all of the details hidden in the multiple layers of sound. Don’t delve into this if you’re only here for the headbanging or some plain Atmospheric Black Metal. This truly is a modern extreme masterpiece as it has a recognizable sound, concept and delivery. (Black Mary)


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