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Lavatory – Morbid Terror

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Lavatory? I do hope it’s not a reference towards the awful EP once released by Wombbath! Fortunately it’s not, as Lavatory’s debut album “Morbid Terror” is as Swedish Death Metal as Wombbath’s “Internal Caustic Torments”. Oh yeah, they are from Malaysia, quite a surprising fact but nowadays with technology everything is possible. As said, Lavatory plays Old School Swedish Death Metal, in the vein of Entombed, Dismember and Entrails combined with a suffering and gasping for air – Wannes Gubbels / Martin van Drunen copycat as vocalist. Strangely enough I think it doesn’t really fit in with SweDeath, although I’m a huge of fan of such vocals. Good vocalist at the wrong place, as well as a good place with the wrong vocalist. When it comes to SweDeath itself, the riffs aren’t really standing out but the leads are something to build on. If they can manage to raise the quality of the riffs towards the leads, I am pretty sure the next album will be an interesting one. (Ricardo)