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Interment – Scent of Buried

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After six years from their debut album, Swedish Old School Death Metal squad INTERMENT, are coming back with a brand new release, this time called “Scent of Buried”. It’s interesting how obsessed can be some bands in recreating that classic Sunlight Studios sound, yes, that sound that became a trademark for bands like Entombed, Desultory or Dismember. With Interment, that’s the type of production we get…rough, dirty and primitive. Musically speaking, they are absolutely into the approach of the aforementioned grandfathers making their music a mixture of Left Hand Path/Like an Ever Flowing Stream. Packed with an extremely compressed sound production, Interment brings an assault of classic death metal crafted with cavernous vocals, guitar “tremolos and very basic riffs…but one sec…basic but really effective in terms of creating that old school atmosphere present back in the 90s. The album comes with 10 songs, most of them between 3 to 4 minutes long, conceptually speaking, this follows the usual trace we may expect too, I mean death, horror, suffering and so on. If you ask me for a word to describe this band and this release, probably many may think in “old-School” (actually there are two words there ha ha) but in my case I’d dare to choose “coherence”…yes, these guys are coherent in every aspect, the artwork, the song titles, the sound production…everything in here is just committed to one goal, bring back the classic Death Metal vision during the early 90s…that’s it…nothing more…and based on that I can say this band is really effective and successful…I’m not going to judge if they bring or not anything new, it’s obvious that no innovation will be found here, but for me good bands are the ones working effectively…either innovating or recreating. So, if you like the classic Swedish death metal sound and are not tired of an oversaturater number of bands doing the same, well…Interment and “Scent of Buried” is a must one for you my friend. In my case, I really really liked the album!!! (Master Butcher)


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