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Infernal Execrator – Obsolete Ordinance

infernal execrator – obsolete ordinance

With discography titles as “Antichrist Execration”, “Mastema Hedonistic Terroritual 666” and “Conglomeration Goatcult Profanextermination” you should be aware we are not dealing with the local boy scout division. Infernal Execrator’s engine got a lot of miles on it, mostly in the split and EP area, and now they present the rotten world their second attack filled with full-speed thrashy Black/Death Metal.

Well-produced and controlled chaos in the vein of Impiety, Angelcorpse and Marduk on their “Panzer Division Marduk” album, so you will know machinegun speed, artillery drums and anti-aircraft riffs goes hand in hand in this warfare. It is quite clear Infernal Execrator will take no prisoners in this battle and although it is not trailblazing, it is a good listen for those who enjoy the influences I mentioned before. (Ricardo)