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Offset – Bent Benevolence [EP]

offset – bent benevolence [ep]

Here is something a little different for you. Pulverised Records, they of releasing filthy Death Metal fame, back in 2020 put out a vinyl only release for Offset, a Crusty Death Metal hailing from the unlikely destination of Singapore. I say unlikely as I’m fairly sure that Metal of all genres in pretty much illegal in Singapore. (If I’m incorrect on this, please correct me… it’s the only way I’ll learn) Maybe that explains the short running time of this EP (9:31) as I don’t suppose it pays to hang around when conducting yourself in illicit activities.

The end result is a four track EP entitled ‘Bent Benevolence’, the bands second release to date following a debut demo back in 2019 called ‘Besmirch’. What you get for your 9:31 is four tracks of fast, grimy and raw Death Metal played without filter or remorse. It feels like the vocals are constantly fighting a losing battle against the far better produced guitars and drums, yet even this adds a certain DIY charm to the release. Track of the EP is the final one, ‘Plagueatory’ in which Offset take a little more time than on previous songs and introduce some groove laden slower parts to, to great effect it has to be said. You’ll need to play this one a few times as at just under the ten minute mark it tends to fly by in a whirlwind of savage riffs and anguished growls. ‘Bent Benevolence’ though is definitely a tidy little release, especially for those who like their South East Asian extremity! (Luke Hayhurst)