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Reaver – Butchery from Beyond! [Demo]

reaver – butchery from beyond! [demo]

Andrew Lee (Ripped to Shreds) and Brandon Corsair (Draghkar and The Highway Corsair fanzine) already teamed up in Azath and both own the label Nameless Grave Records, but they still had the yearning to create something vicious and putrefied in a certain Swedish way, so they both had a good talk or two, fiddled with some pedals and Reaver was born.

“Swedish Death Metal from the hard streets of Stockholm, California” as they call it themselves and it is like that, Entombed with a whiff of Autopsy (hence the cover “Bathe in Fire” as closer of the demo), so strong groovy riffs with sick vocals are presented by these 2 sickos and everyone who enjoy some good old SweDeath will definitely enjoy this one. (Ricardo)