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Crucifyre – Post Vulcanic Black

crucifyre – post vulcanic black


The release of this 3rd album sure made any Crucifyre fans waited for 4 years. With 2 previous solid raging mad album of blackened old school death metal, anticipation is surely at high stake. And fret not, we were given a taste of what to come through their official music video from the title track. So, what’s in store? Damn, that track alone is a slick sounding maestro of craftsmanship! We are about to experience something different on this album for sure. With “Post Vulcanic Black” being the opening track, it kicks off with a slow creepy licks, then going mid tempo on the main structure with a very prominent thrashy element, very much courtesy of Slayer in style.  Come 2nd track, “Thrashing With Violence” kicks in with straight thrash metal attack, and this time even with gruff screaming ala Tom Araya. Things get a little bit strange with the 3rd track, “Mother Superior’s Eye”, being a slow catchy mid-paced in its entirety with almost horror-rock kind of vibes to it. In all 10 tracks available in the album, there are a few more songs like this, while the remaining others fall into the thrashier notes. But that does not meant “Post Vulcanic Black” is a half-assed effort because of the mentioned elements. It have it’s highlight for sure, especially the extremely catchy riffs & beats and the experimentation with different vocal styles. Clean vocal? Piano? Hardrockin’ vibes? Yes, they have that too in here. If anybody had been very familiar with the Swedish death metal scene since ages ago, one might find the “experimentation” stage is something they would expect along the way. I would say, on this album, Crucifyre just went versatile if anything else could really describe this album as a whole. As simple & catchy as it may sound, but it surely need a few careful spin to really get into it. It might not be a full raging mad blackened old school death metal, it just escalated into something else entirely. And that is something you’d really want to check out. (JvH)


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