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Crucifyre – Black Magic Fire

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Although the line-up is impressive with (ex-)members of acts like General Surgery, Morbid, Afflicted Convulsion, Regurgitate and Crematory, I wasn’t really convinced their debut release called “Infernal Earthly Divine”. The new album “Black Magic Fire” made me smile a bit more, as I hear influences, bits and touches of (early) Necrophobic, The Crown and most of all Desaster (just listen to the title track). It’s an unholy blend of the Old School categories within Black, Thrash and Death Metal. Although this album pleased me more than the debut, it doesn’t stand out comparing with other releases at this moment. One of those typical “If you have some money left, give it a try” – release, not one you will rush towards the nearest record store or your trustworthy webshop. (Ricardo)