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Gateway [BEL] – Boundless Torture [EP]

gateway [bel] – boundless torture [ep]

“I’m the devil and I’ve come to do the devi’s work.” Charles “Tex” Watson, (member of the Manson Family) Talk about a cold blooded, ruthless quote especailly saying it to someone you’re about to murder. That’s the only thing I could think of the entire time listening to, “Boundless Torure” by the demon himself Robin Van Oyen of Gateway. A one man project hailing from the 4th pit of hell but was born in Begium.

This EP sound like the soundtrack to hell and I’m pretty sure he made a pact with the big man downstairs or from the sounds of it he is the devil in the flesh. From the opening track, “Boundless Torture” you can feel the evil seethe through your speakers. If you’re looking for good ol wholesome music that you can dance too, well let’s just say you turned on the wrong album. With that being said there are good grooves especailly in songs like, “Famished Below” and “Odyssey of the Bereaved” but overall this is slow, loud, and I know i’ve said this word in the review alot already but EVIL!!

23 minutes of excruciating pain in the best way possible. this is definitely gonna find its way into my favorite EP’s of the year. If you’re into Death/Doom with no messing around this is for you! Let the possession begin. (JonG)