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Kawir – Αδράστεια

kawir – Αδράστεια


Am I the only person who gets genuine chills at the sound of well sung rousing chanted pagan vocals? Think Heidevolk, Winterfylleth in ‘The Green Cathedral’, Caladan Brood. The list is endless but with a place firmly embedded in that list is Greek Pagan Black Metal band Kawir. So what better way could there be to start off their brand new opus, ‘Αδράστεια’. (Adrasteia – which if the internet is to be wholly believed without question means something along the lines of inaction.) I love chanted, soaring vocals pretty much more than anything else in metal. It fills my blackened cynical heart with pure glee. Something else to warm my cockles is another stellar release from the ever impressive annals of the Iron Bonehead roster. “Αδράστεια” is six tracks hard hitting Pagan savagery, interspersed with bouts of melancholy, melodic meanderings into the ether and an overall sound that whilst maybe not spectacular, is nevertheless pleasing and satisfying on a deep level.

Kawir have a powerful, driven quality to their sound, performed at a high level throughout the band. From the rasping vocal prowess of Porphyrion, to the deep rumbling basslines and drumming, relentlessly cold riffs which surge, weave and flow through a multitude of melodies, and the extra little flourishes such as hypnotic flutes, (Listen to “Atalanti” for a dynamic and effective flute playing display) kanonaki, haunting clean vocals from Therthonax and a myriad of other beats, symbols and tones that Kawir use to create a rich tapestry that propels the listener into another age, an age of swords, ramparts, battle, axes, blood, and toil, and all with an unmistakable Hellenic quality.

“Αδράστεια” is a powerful, often down to earth album. Rapidly approaching a thirty year tenure as a band and Kawir have created their masterpiece, easily their best album to date. How many bands can say that after churning out albums for the better part of three decades?

Iron Bonehead Productions

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