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Sørgelig – We, the Oblivious

sørgelig – we, the oblivious

Sørgelig follow up the “Devoted to Nothingness” EP with a full length which just compounds their obviously early-mid 90s influence into something pleasantly (but violently) hypnotic.

The only thing that separates Sørgelig from that era…is the actual date. Aesthetically, sonically, lyrically…they fit comfortably with Darkthrone and Burzum. Where they don’t necessarily break any new ground, they have crafted a (relatively short) album that delivers on every level. Despite the TNBM/True Norwegian Black Metal influence and raw production, the music stands very much on its own. The guitars extend out into expertly crafted drone, the bass operates seemingly independently but complimentary and in old school fashion the drums though following along sometimes do their own thing only to throw another level of strangeness to the mix. (TravisN)