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Slægt – Black Bombs [EP]

slægt – black bombs [ep]

Slægt are a young band from Denmark, who certainly like to keep themselves busy. Recently, they released an EP with two songs that have not made the cut to their previous full-length “The Wheel” (from 2018). While this is a short and sweet release, containing a song with vocals and an instrumental, it shows off the amazing musicianship this band has.

After a sinister intro of the song ‘Black Bombs’, the wailing guitars take us through the Slægt’s contemporary take on classic heavy metal, spiced up with abrasive vocals. This is one of the things Slægt do so well, combine melodic music with those recognizable blackened vocals, mostly consisting of grimy screams. The “Wake Dirge” is darker and much more atmospheric, even though there are considerable tempo changes. Since there are no vocals on this one, there are some really good guitar solos to keep the listeners primarily occupied with music and not starting to drift away.

The fans will receive the EP with delight, while it might not necessarily attract new people to the band (For some reason Slægt are one of those bands people either love or can’t stand… or maybe these days people are just weird). But this is certainly a fun release, mostly mid paced, perfect for that quick air guitar fun while nodding your head to the beat. The EP gives a certain introduction to the band, but it’s not showing the whole picture of what this band is capable of. For that, you should grab one of their full lengths and consider an EP like this one for the cherry on the top of the cake. (Black Mary)