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Abysmal Grief – Feretri

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I have to admit that I discovered this band relatively recently and this was through the split release with the mighty Denial of God. After checking them out a little more I found this band extremely interesting and since then it’s in my top ten! Feretri is their third album besides few more split releases and EP-s and in my opinion is the best so far. I found the vocals really enjoyable as it reminds me of Fields of the Nephilim, the music is as the bands name suggests, dark, gloomy doom metal from the best kind. The playing time is a bit over 45 minutes so it’s a pretty satisfying effort to listen to the whole stuff. Some songs, and I’m not trying to be funny here, are literally perfect for a dark, sinister dance (Sinister Gleams) or you can imagine ghosts rising from their graves and dancing around on this funeral waltz. The use of the organ covers the music with a black, funeral shroud and this funeral feeling is present on the whole album. Overall it’s a great material, I really recommend it to everyone into doom, dark music even to Gothic fans, Feretri is one of the best in the doom style I’ve ever heard so far! (Frank)

Horror Records

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