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Abysmal Grief – Narcissistic Necrophiles

abysmal grief – narcissistic necrophiles


In March 2023 Abysmal Grief and Avantgarde Music releases a vinyl-only compilation LP to celebrate the start of their collaboration, it was also meant as a run up to a new album that was supposed to be in the making. At the time of writing no sign of that new album was to be seen, yet both the band and label thought it was a great idea to keep things warm and to release another appetizer in the form of this live record, again vinyl only.

It was recorded live at 2013 edition of the Metal Magic festival in Denmark, a festival that is known for its unique and eclectic line-ups. It has close ties to the guys from Denial Of God and the now defunct Horror Records, knowing this it is no surprise that Abysmal Grief was one of the high lights in the history of the festival.

Musically this is a remarkably well-recorded and good sounding live registration that shows the uniqueness of the band. If anything sticks after listening to this peerless set, featuring almost only classics, it is how grandiose and extraordinarily eccentric Abysmal Grief is. There is no band that even comes close to the intensity of these Italians, when the record is over you are left alone and amazed.  Some of my personal favourites pass by, such as the ‘Hearse’ and ‘The Samhain Feast’ singles or the magical ‘The Necromass’ from the self-titled debut album. With devotion, you can hear vocalist Labes C. Necrothytus being immersed in his music, his weighty vocals and icy screams cut through the marrow and effortlessly convey that one-of-a-kind atmosphere of Abysmal Grief.

But as is often the case with live albums, the question is exactly how essential they are. Sure, this is a best-of set from one of the most celebrated bands in the occult metal scene and there’s no doubt you won’t make a wrong purchase, the only question is whether this adds anything if you already have the albums and EP’s in your collection as well.