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Amputory – Ode to Gore

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Dave Rotten (Avulsed,Christ Denied),the boss of Xtreem Music,has always been able to find and release high quality death metal. Finland’s Amputory are not exception to the rule. Formed in 2009,the band has two demo recordings before this debut full-length titled “Ode to Gore”. The record contains tracks from the previous two demos plus some new material. “Enslaved in the Basement” starts promising with thick guitar riffs and galloping drums. Jarno Kokkonen’s grunts are similar to the ones of Chris Barnes which made me think of Sweden’s Torture Killer. The following title track “Ode to Gore” is slower with some black metal riffing included within. Other remarkable tracks from this album are the vicious anthem of self-mutilation “Cleansing by the Blade” and the doomy “Aghori” which ends with sounds from oriental instruments that I have no clue what they are. The remaining tracks are with no exception solid death metal played by inspired musicians. The sound production is on a good level and even though “Ode to Gore” doesn’t offer anything new in terms of music, it is an enjoyable record for every fan of oldschool death metal. I suppose Amputory is a name that we will hear more from in the future. (Zvetan)