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Adversvm – Vama Marga

adversvm – vama marga


Adversvm from Norden, Lower Saxony, Germany are generally considered to be labeled a Funeral Doom Metal band. But I would have to say that that categorization is just way too basic and simple for what this band actually puts forth. Which is quite evident when you are experiencing (listening to) ‘Vama Marga’ here, which is Adversvm’s third, and newest being released June of 2023, full-length to date.

And that experience quite literally pulls inspiration and execution from all over the Metal world map. With forays into many other sub sects of the Metal genre tree. Such as some Death, certain aspects of Black, what I would say is a healthy dose of Progressive and of course a whole heaping serving of Doom. To really compare this band to anyone would be rather hard and quite possibly a list that just rambles on and ends up really meaning nothing. Plain and simple it’s Funeral Doom done in Adversvm’s style, period.

The overall sound of this album is downright immaculate but not to point of sterility or over production. ‘Vama Marga’ feels raw, organic and full of atmosphere while still having a clarity that allows for every note from every member of the band to shine. Just hitting that perfect balance of everything sounding just right at every second while having an atmosphere that leans toward chaos.

Yet with all of that said, I do have one complaint. My biggest pet peve, that hurts relistenablility of ‘Vama Marga’, is that there are way too many interlude/ambient tracks. Hell there is so many that they populate at least half of the track list, taking up almost a quarter of this damn near hour affair. And do not get me wrong here, I enjoy pretty, ambient interludes between some tracks here and there when it fits but here it just seems excessive, almost as if they are being used as filler.

In the end (it doesn’t even matter, please forgive me) Adversvm’s ‘Vama Marga’ is pretty damn good. Although it could do with some major cutting down on the interlude/ambient instrumental songs in general.


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