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Soulskinner – Crypts of Ancient Wisdom

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Soulskinner from Greece has every right to use a word like “Ancient” in their album title. As the Death Metal played by Thou Art Lord-members Bill Zobolas and Gothmog is ancient as the ruins of Hellas. Alright, not that old, but it certainly goes back to the late 1980s / early 1990s. You hear parts of riffs which make you think “Hey, that idea could be from Brutality (“Life a Bane”)” or “That starts like old Asphyx (“The Price of War”)”. Without getting cheesy whatsoever. Add some Gorefest and atmosphere in it as well, to make the picture “Crypts of Ancient Wisdom” complete. Although the low guttural growl of Gothmog doesn’t annoy one bit, I would like to hear a bit more variation, as the music itself has variation as well. Something like the dual vocals of Glen Benton. Maybe give the vocalist of Nocturnal Vomit a call? Oh yeah..before I forget, once again a killer cover made by Mark Riddick. Good release! (Ricardo)