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Soulskinner / Obsecration / Abyssus / Malicious Silence – Sign of the Covenant of Death [Split]

soulskinner / obsecration / abyssus / malicious silence – sign of the covenant of death [split]

A 4-way split with some fine Greek acts who have their roots anchored in Old School Death Metal, one way or another. Soulskinner, Obsecration, Abyssus and Malicious Silence all are featured with 2 songs, although Abyssus and Malicious Silence have chosen a cover to complete their part of the split, Abyssus have chosen Obituary’s “Godly Beings” while Malicious Silence picked Bolt Thrower’s “When Cannons Fade”.

The asset of this split is the fact that they all play their Death Metal differently, for example Obsecration has a certain ancient Rotting Christ approach in their US Death Metal while Abyssus is far more straightforward, combining old Death and surprisingly old Tiamat. If one is into the Old School aspect it will be a neat split to check out. (Ricardo)