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Arkhaaik – *dʰg̑ʰm̥tós

arkhaaik – *dʰg̑ʰm̥tós

Helvetic Underground Comittee is spreading dark obscure music in recent years and many more to come from Helvetia. The Swiss band Arkhaaik will release their debut through Iron Bonhead Productions. Their album “*dʰg̑ʰm̥tós” is inded archaic in nature, touching the deep roots of humanity, taking rites of ancient times, long forgotten and buried in time, spoken in Indo-European language and an aural violence from the caves of the bronze age.

The sound is very low, the sound even more cavernous with huge dynamic ranges. You can feel the dark and dusty aura of the profound sound. The sound seems to be minimalistic first but offers more details and variation with each listen. The trance like feeling is there, and so you find yourself transported in old times on caves or mountains worshipping old gods and ancient wisdoms. The different vocal styles are incredibly well incorporated into their sound and the production fits the entire idea of the band and is pretty much perfect for it. Fans of Dakhma, Irkallian Oracle and the likes should be ready to grab this one. Another killer release from the Swiss soil. (DPF)