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Grond – Worship the Kraken

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Grond are a four-piece death metal band from Moscow,Russia and “Worship the Kraken” is their second full-length album after “Howling from the Deep” that was released in 2013. Just like on their debut the subject of the lyrics is the Cthulu stories of H.P.Lovecraft. They even have the Cthulu head with all its tentacles as part of their logo so here we have some serious worship! Another curious fact – their drummer is doing the vocals. “Worship the Kraken” contains 10 tracks of high-quality oldschool death metal with doom touches reminding of Asphyx,Obituary and even Jungle Rot. This means heavy guitar riffs,fast-paced drumming and furious death growls. After the “Invocation” intro Grond strike with “Kronos the Devourer” which is fast and relentless death metal with very good sound production where every instrument can be clearly heard. Konstantin “Kist” Kovalenko (drums/vocals) provides deep growls that suit perfectly with the heavy music. The band has a sense for groove and melody and they don’t rely solely to the sheer brutality. There is a cover version of “Blood Monk” which is a song originally written by one of the earliest known doom/death metal bands – Goatlord from the USA but the Grond version is way faster than the original. There’s also a guest appearance – Lasse Ryykko from the Finnish ghouls Hooded Menace who plays guitar on “Japetus the Ice Gate”. All tracks on “Worship the Kraken” are of a very high quality and if you are into bands like Asphyx (but with more guttural vocals) and the more recent Coffins and Hooded Menace then this Russian band is a must hear for you! (Zvetan)