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Desecresy – The Mortal Horizon

desecresy – the mortal horizon

This is one fucken ugly death metal album yet it’s glorious in all its rottenness. There is nothing even remotely interesting to be found for those young souls yearning for the next clinically perfect high-speed technical death metal. Some people seem to have enjoyed their earlier outputs more but Desecresy are intentionally moving into ever obscurer musical plains of deadlands. Desecresy moves like a glacier, extremely slow, purposefully simplistic and oftentimes repetitive. However, their approach works in a rather appealing hypnotizing manner where songs blend into a massive crushing entity. If Rottrevore and a retarded Bolt Thrower would add some dissonant harmonies and sinister melodies Desecresy would be their illegitimate child. The accompanying production is wonderfully low-fi which ensures only those death metal fanatics used to dredging around in the worst mosquito-infected swamps will find something to their liking. In a time where retro-death metal is quite popular here’s a (one-man) band which simply doesn’t give a fuck and releases a marvellous album which pinpoints the true essence of gritty butt-ugly death fucken metal. Desecresy is awesome! (Saldiac)